Take a Walk, Breath, Boost your Immunity

Take a Walk, Breath, Boost your Immunity

Its not everyday that you hear a cricketer, former Indian Capitan , Mahindra Singh Dhoni to be precise has gone back to farming during this covid time. He’s is not alone most of Mumbai’s very social and Elite class have become hermits’ /recluse to a distant farm house away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Thousand of students and interns, entrepreneurs have left India’s financial capital and opted for their quieter and less populated home town. The pro of this lockdown situation we are in is that suddenly it does not matter where you are working only the quality of your work you produce. Life has suddenly become easier for parents of all ages. A full house give you a sense of belonging. A bit of saga too! But nothing that can’t be handled

Coming back to Mr MS Dhoni’s organic farming. It is very interesting to note that harmful virus is a thing o the past. It’s not new you know  even COVID! Plants have an interesting defense mechanism to tackle viruses. For those of you who think that plants can’t protect themselves you will be surprised!

First line of defense is their tough outer exterior thorns, waxing leaves. This gets broken. Plants resort to a chemical defense. They produce chemicals to taste different so herbivores don’t keep mulching on them, Some toxins can cause harm to the effect of tummy upsets or even kill the predator.  Of course animals have also figured this out and hence when they eat plants they east a bit and move on. Both gain from this – A win win! Now coming to virus and bacteria plants produce pythogen to protect themselves. When you take a walk in a forest or for a garden walk, for us city dwellers, preferably with trees, you get to breathe in these pythogens that help us fight against viruses and bacteria’s.

This has worked effectively for plants , people and animals for centuries. In fact the Japanese have coined a walk for the forest walk called Shirin Yoku. Taking a forest bath is known to reduce levels of stress hormones production; Lower cholesterol rate and heart rate. Boost the immune system and accelerate recovery from illness…. So many benefits and so easy to receive them …

Your call to action.

 Let nothing stop you …Go take a walk in your garden today Choose wisely early morning or evening when its most likely to be just you and natures wilderness. Breath in Nature if feeds you from its bounties …
While you enjoy this we will be happy to help you create a green haven around your home.