How We Work

Why SUN ?

Wet Waste Processing

At SUN wet waste is converted into compost through natural aerobic composting method. This results in high quality compost.

OWC maintenance

Our staff is well versed on the daily running and maintenance of different types of Organic Waste Composters at Societies / corporates parks.

Garden waste is converted to Leaf Mulch at societies this is an ideal replacement for cocopeat having 500 times water absorption capacity compared to soil.  Reduce water consumption of garden by ½.

Report 2022-23

Dry Waste

Dry waste gets sorted at our center and further recycled

It mainly comprises of Newspapers, cardboard, aluminum Cans, Tetrapacks, old clothes, foot ware, thermacol All types of plastics – Pet Bottles, shampoo Bottles, oil cans, milk pouches, wrappers etc.

E-waste – Items working on electricity or battery – wires, adaptors, remotes, old phones, fans etc.

Manual unit for a family

Its good to manage 2 kgs daily
Each drum has a 40liter capacity

240 Liter Unit

Each drum has a 120liter capacity
Its good to manage 5-8 kgs daily
Ideal for small buildings 3-12 flats

400 Liter Unit

Each drum has a 200 liter capacity
It can take a 15kg feed daily
Ideal for buildings having 10-20 flats

Corporate Initiatives

India has Pledged to reduce her carbon footprint by 45% before 2030. In keeping with ESG goals we help corporate offices go carbon neutral.

•Daily waste management of segregated wet and dry waste & provide carbon Report every month.

•Sustainable workshops are a mix of drives and activities so the company as a whole, channelizes their waste and learns how to upcycle the same.

•Great workshops on health, wellness and sustainability & tree plantation drive to go carbon neutral

Zero Waste Events

Are you organizing a house party, Wedding , Annual day , Cricket Tournaments etc. We can help  you make it completely Zero waste.
We provide sustainable solutions , Bins on site + staff to ensure your waste is segregated at source .

We even plant trees on your behalf to make your event carbon neutral