Basic Garden Service

Basic Garden service includes adding compost and mulch to your garden once a month & adding a herb garden you can choose any one variety of herbs from lemongrass, curry leaves, ajwain, basil, pudina, peppermint.

Compost is full of good bacteria and organic matter that helps soil come alive. This live soil absorbs 25% carbon dioxide from the air making your society healthier to live in. Mulch is a great substitute to cocopeat, it has 500% water absorption capacity  compared to soil, Lots of healthy bacteria for your soil and plants to grow in a thriving eco system.

Monthly Garden Maintenance

  • Garden maintenance includes cutting, trimming and pruning of plants. Adding compost and mulch to the garden.
  • Fertigation and propagation of plants in your garden.
  • Adding pesticides , fungicides to soil as and when required. 

Fruiting Plants

  • India is blessed with great climate where plants fruit all year round Now that you have compost , add some fruiting plants to your garden.
  • We have 5-6 year old grafted plants that are already fruiting the best part you can keep them in a 16inch pot and they will continue to thrive.
  • Special Offers for buildings taking 50 plants of a single variety.


In Action

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