Reducer Bin

Reducer Bin


The Reducer Bin is an easy and practical way to reduce your waste at home there by reducing the volume of the societies waste by atleast 20%. This bin consists of 2 bins one telescoped into the other. The inner bin is serrated at the base and has aeration holes at the top. The outer bin also has aeration holes at the top to allow circulation of air.

Every household needs to line the inner bin with a double sheet of newspaper.

  • This allows the water to drain off from your food and get collected in the outer bin.
  • Thus keeping the content moist but not soggy
  • The continuous flow of air helps in reducing the volume.
  •  After 2 days you will get a couple +/- of table spoons of compost tea(water from your food) depending largely on what you put in the bin.
  • This tea is nutrient dense. It can be diluted with water in a 1:10 ratio and added to plants
  • It can be used as a drain cleaner.

Due to the daily reduction in volume, your kitchen waste can now be collected every alternate day.